Our Principles


1 Quality is indispensable for us. Every strategy, every project, every text, every activity bears İlyada İletişim’s quality understanding.
2 It regards communication as a good team job; in this direction, we provide service with a vision holder, constantly self-developing and professional staff with information and experience.
3 We aim 100% customer satisfaction. However, we don’t accept every expression for the sake of customer satisfaction. Sometimes we defend customer’s interest more strictly than our customer.
4 We do not suggest any strategy, idea, text or offer which do not comply with our customers’ business objectives.
5 We let business processes flow. We manage them. We do not allow communication processes to be lost in daily routines of customers.
6 We don’t get possessed with monotonous routine in internal operations. We follow actively agenda and sector our customer operates and develop suggestions which make differences.
7 We do not waste our customer’s budget for the sake of creativity. In addition yo this we take care of that every project we suggested be performed with a effective creativity.
8 We believe in professionalism in media relations. We follow contact and space within ethical rules in media relations.
9 We think, work and produce like a journalist in our media works. Newsworthiness of all text we prepared, interview and activities we organized within the scope of media relationship service remain one of our priorities.
10 We consider that commination is not composed of short-term works and believe in permanency in communication.


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