Our Quality Policy

We, as İlyada, aim to provide innovative, original, result-oriented, and measurable solutions to our customers on communication consultancy services.

In that regard, our fundamental principles in our operations are;

  • Being compatible with legal requirements,
  • Being loyal to ethical values,
  • Analysing the requirements of our customers by making objectivity, honesty, accurate message, and information our core values and producing projects accordingly,
  • Forming a long-term relationship with our customers and increasing customer satisfaction,
  • Increasing job efficiency by presenting a good working atmosphere to our employees that is supported with training,
  • Improving cooperation with our suppliers.

We undertake to continually improve our Quality Management System established to that end and continue to be a service-oriented boutique agency.


İlyada Communication Publication Consultancy | Phone: 0 (212) 273 23 32 | E-mail: info@ilyada.com.tr