Subject and Crisis Management

Creating and keeping alive reputation of a company take years. However, damaging one's reputation is an instant situation. Potential crisis issues are determined through issue management and proactive studies are performed against possible crises by planning a communication strategy. In addition to foreseeable crises, organization may confront with many instant crises from customer complaint to natural disasters. Crisis communication comprises whole process from management of crises effectively to execution of necessary studies with post-crisis analyzes.

İlyada İletişim determines possible crisis issues for organizations it provides service in regard to issue and crisis management and prepared communication plans for not these issues to transform to a crisis. It creates alternative scenarios, makes organization prepared against crises and designates actions to be taken during crisis. A crisis management desk is established for unforeseeable crises and emergency decision-making procedures are activated. It allows permanency of information flow and participation of senior management to processes and accordingly manages crisis. It determines damaged areas and effects of the crisis on organization. It designates how and to what extent the crisis will affect activity areas. In this direction, it plans communication works which will minimalize its effects or turn it into an opportunity.

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