Media Relations

Doubtlessly it is media, which is most important social stakeholder of any institution for its business targets and accordingly its communication. Media is more effective and more persuasive than other communication tools and it is possible to reach many masses through the media.

İlyada Communication Consultancy aims at differentiation of institution to which it renders service from its competitors and always making it as a source of reference in its sector by means of its leader, employees, products and services and establishes its media relations accordingly.

İlyada prepares annual media plans in line with business targets of its clients and implements them by updating the same each month depending on the agenda of country/media/institution. İlyada does not try to put the message into a template, develops, and implements different strategies for different channels (i.e. economy, mag, internet and television). The principle of continuity in Media relations is sine qua non for İlyada. Also İlyada filters information before sharing it with mass through Media on behalf of customers so İlyada never shares if issues don't carry news value. That gives İlyada respectability in the eyes of Media members.

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