Online Communications Consulting

Rapid growth of technology has created its own communication channel for spreading information as well as traditional media organs. Today, mobile based platforms, which provide reaching millions of people without time and place limitation, offer quite effective and unlimited chances for spreading and reaching the information. In this content online communication gives corporations the opportunity of telling themselves with enabling them todays most important and effective communication platforms.

İlyada Communication Consultancy makes communication studies for its customers in some platforms such as mail groups, which are new but grow rapid and also cost-effective than other channels and have public access, blogs, forums and social media. These platforms are important feedback suppliers in institutions' business development process and İlyada makes them used effectively. Besides İlyada decides the right and effective communication channels for its customers and makes studies with customized strategies.

As online communication doesn't have any limits, sometimes there could be situations for firms, which can cause crisis. İlyada makes studies within e-communication service for preventing these situations.

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