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Turkey’s Energy Efficiency Communication Plan (EVIP)

In August 2011, Electrical Power Resources Survey Administration (EIE) held a competition for preparation of Turkey’s Energy Efficiency Communication Plan (EVİP). İlyada Communication’s plan, which comprehensive awareness campaign for three years, won the competition.

EVİP will draw attention to energy wastein buildings, industry and transport, increase awareness about energy efficiency andchange energy consumption habits

enverIPAB Project

The project which is called enverIPAB (Increasing Public Awareness on Energy Efficiency in Buildings) is founded by European Union and is carried out for EIE (General Directorate of Electrical Power Resources Survey and Development Administration) by a consortium of 4 companies including İlyada Communication Consultancy. Ilyada carried out all public relations and advertisement works of the project as a member of the consortium who is responsible for the communication.

All communication activities in the project such as TV spots, radio advertorials, sponsorship studies, media communication, presentation materials such as brochure, booklet, posters' content, design and printing works were planned, designed and put into force by İlyada Communication Consultancy.


Kula Geopark Project

Establishment of the content, design and production of the materials prepared for the introduction of the project breaking a ground in Turkey by integrating the historical, cultural and natural monuments in and around Kula under the Geopark area, under the project on the Development of Civil Society Dialogue responsible to the European Union.

TTGV Desteknoloji Project

The triple consortium which Ilyada Communication Consultancy is one of the partner win the tender which is for TTGV (Technology Development Foundation of Turkey) Desteknoloji Project aiming at SME's and financing by World Bank. Desteknoloji Project lasted for one year and project was completed with success exceeding its expectations. We realized the campaign by using the budget effectively, which could not be realized even through a budget of 1 million dollars under normal conditions, through only a spending of 200.000 USD dollars. We organized many activities of which number exceeding 50 and hundreds of news under the scope of campaign.


TÜBİTAK UME (TÜBİTAK National Metrology Institute) and TÜBİTAK MAM (TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Center)

The consortium which Ilyada participated win the tender for promotion campaign to be held for TÜBİTAK UME (TÜBİTAK National Metrology Institute) and TÜBİTAK MAM (TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Center) and financed by World Bank. For both corporations, we realized a campaign, which would last for 1 year. We organized many activities of which number exceeding 50 and hundreds of news under the scope of campaign where advertisement and public relations were executed in an integrated manner.


Goldaş Cultural Publications

In Turkey lack of resources which explains the history of jewelry work was the starting point of Goldaş Cultural Publications. In the year of 2001, Goldaş Cultural Publications were laid under the consultancy of Altan Türe who is an archeologist and folklore researcher. The books named as "History of Jewelry", "Antique Jewelry of Anatolia", "Language of Symbols in Jewelry and Gem Stones" and "The Story of Jewelry 1-2" were published. The books published in Turkish and English are the first ones which are published with Turkish source being exhibited in British Museum and Metropolitan Museum.

İZODER: “Insulation is Investment” Campaign

"Insulation is Investment" Campaign were implemented on behalf of İZODER (Association of Thermal Insulation, Waterproofing, Sound Insulation and Fireproofing Material Producers, Suppliers and Applicators) to create public awareness on insulation. In this context, the main strategy and according to this communication strategy and campaign plan were prepared. In addition to intensive media relations, low budget media purchases were planned and budgeted about 80 activities. Companies in the industry were visited by forming a sponsorship file and finally 18 companies agreed to be sponsor for campaign and a total sum of 780.000 dollars was obtained as sponsorship income. Thanks to "Insulation is Investment" Campaign, the investment consciousness considerably increased in Turkey while industry had a growth of 30 percent.


İYEDAM (İZODER Insulation Training and Consultancy Center)

We provided consultancy services for the İYEDAM (İZODER Insulation Training and Consultancy Center) Project carried out by İZODER under the "Active Labor Force New Opportunities Program" of the European Union through the intermediary of İŞKUR (Turkish Labor Organization).


Goldaş Jewelry Design Summer School

A corporate social resposibility project which had harmony with firm's targets, served the communication goals and had effective budget was planned for Goldaş. Goldaş Jewelry Design Summer School has been implemented every year since 2004 with different theme and at different place to contribute the education of young designer candidates.

Two most successful students from all faculties and training schools with department of design in Turkey are invited to jewelry design summer school which was realized in Manisa firstly. The students, who visit ancient ruins and museums in accompany of consultant teachers for 1 week during morning hours and who are informed by their teachers, also make drawing works during evening hours. The jury formed in last day, selects the most successful designs and selected designed are exhibited through a fashion show after being produced by Goldaş. By ensuring that press members participate in last 2 days of the school, it is made sure that the same is announced to public opinion.

Çökertme Halil And Gülsüm Sculpture Competition

One of the things, which comes to mind of human, is the melody known by people as "Çökertme Türküsü" (a folkloric song) which explains love of Halil and Gülsüm. One of the construction projects that are realized by Yapı Endüstrisi was being constructed in the Bitez site where Halil, whose name was written in the folkloric song, was shot. When we knew about this story, we formed a notion of sculpture competition, which would visually animate such a story. We arranged a sculpture competition across Turkey by making cooperation with Bitez Municipality. Participating work arts were presented to the vote of public after having been exhibited in Bitez for 1 month. After eight art works, which were selected by the public, were evaluated by expert jury, the artwork which is found to be worthy being champion was determined and by causing the same to be built by the artist, the same was presented as a gift to the public of Bitez.

Yapı Endüstrisi



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