Social Responsibility Communication

Of course, basic function of any firm is to obtain profit and growth. Factors such as its production technology, service quality, and price and market share are primary issues. However, the institution is a part and citizen of this society as it is case for individuals.

Corporate social responsibility projects are a tool of making investment to the society for companies while they are earning money and it provides reputation which is more important than profit and it is the differentiation tool in competitiveness. Institutions having corporate social responsibility consciousness are more respected by the society and its products are preferred, its services are purchased and messages delivered by it are adopted. Today, consumers reflect their sympathy to the buying behaviors if they believe that institutions doing good things for society and the world. Conducted researches have shown that 86 percent of consumers have a positive opinion about companies, which try to make the world as a better place to live in and that 61 percent of consumers may change the brand if other brand is associated with a good social purpose and that 64 percent of them think that corporate social responsibility campaigns should be a standard part of corporate activity.

İlyada Communication Consultancy produces, plans, implements corporate social responsibility projects that shall both create an agenda and which shall harmonize the business targets of institution to which it renders service and forwards the same to the public opinion.

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